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Turks and Caicos Fiesta:
Dancing the Night Away by the Sea

Celebrate in Style: Ignite the Night with Unforgettable Parties in Turks and Caicos

Welcome to a world where the stars above are rivaled only by the spark in your eyes as you revel in the island’s vibrant nightlife.

At TCI Concierge, we’re thrilled to be your guides to creating remarkable moments that light up the night sky.

Whether you’re looking to dance the night away or host an exclusive gathering under the stars, our party services promise to elevate your celebration to new heights.

Party in Turks and Caicos
Jason Jugdeese

Jason, Your Luxury Concierge

Your Key to Exclusive Experiences in Turks and Caicos!

DJ Turks and Caicos

$200 per 1 hour

Fire Dancers
fire dancer Turks and Caicos

$350 for twenty minutes


Standard 1hour – $250.00
*Location, you can choose it or we do it for you. 1-2 person / 1 hour session.
Group & Family Photos 1 hour session is $300.


All photos will be emailed or airdrop

Nightlife Experience: Dance under the Caribbean Stars

Nightlife Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos comes alive at night, and we’re here to ensure you experience every beat of the island’s pulsating nightlife.

Immerse yourself in the energy of the local scene as we guide you to the hottest venues, the most happening beach bars, and the swankiest nightclubs.

Let the music, the laughter, and the company of fellow partygoers create a symphony of joy that echoes long after the night ends.

Nightlife Turks and Caicos

Best Party Days in Turks!

Contact for us to book your VIP reservation:
Wednesday: Conch Shak
Thursday: Fish Fry + Local Rooftop Bar
Friday: AZIZA restaurant & lounge
Saturday Night or Sunday: Shisha Lounge
Sunday: Noah’s Ark Beach Club floating bar an ofter party at Shisha Lounge

DJ Turks and Caicos

Private DJ Services: Set the Mood, Own the Night

DJ Turks and Caicos

Elevate your party with the sounds of your choice, expertly curated by our talented private DJs. From laid-back beach vibes to heart-pounding dance beats, our DJs tailor their playlists to match your party’s atmosphere and your guests’ preferences.

Get ready to create an unforgettable sonic journey that keeps the dance floor alive and your guests on their feet.

Fire Dancers and More: Performances that Ignite the Imagination

fire dancer Turks and Caicos

Add a touch of mystique and wonder to your party with captivating performances that mesmerize the senses.

Our fire dancers weave a spellbinding spectacle of flames and movement, while other enchanting entertainers bring a touch of magic to the night.

fire dancer Turks and Caicos
Party in Turks and Caicos

Customized Parties: Your Vision, Our Expertise

Party in Turks and Caicos

At TCI Concierge, we understand that every party is unique, and that’s why we’re dedicated to bringing your vision to life.

Whether it’s a private beach bonfire, a sunset cocktail soirée, or a high-energy dance extravaganza, our team collaborates with you to ensure that every detail reflects your style and taste.

Let’s Make Things Happen

Your journey into the world of parties and nightlife begins here. Browse through our array of party services, from private DJs to captivating performances, and let your imagination take flight. Contact me to reserve your party experience or to discuss your custom party plans. Turks and Caicos await – let’s light up the night together!

“I would like to thank Jason and his team for making my bday trip a memorable one. I didn’t have to worry about anything. Since the time of our arrival on the island we were well taken care off. Thanks to him for booking our Airbnb, our car services, nightlife, restaurant reservations and excursions. I would definitely recommend using his services for anyone looking for the ultimate Turks and Caicos experience.”

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Jason Jugdeese
Your Luxury Concierge in Turks and Caicos

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